Parm Strong Fitness is a personal training service located in Mesa/Gilbert Arizona. My focus is to help my clients not only achieve their personal goals, but to help them become the best functional version of themselves.  

Every body is different. In order to create a well structured building, it needs a strong foundation. Same with people. It starts with the foundation, the core, the intrinsic muscles that help stabilize you. For many of you, those muscle become too weak and as a result you end up either in pain, with muscle imbalance or injured.

I am an instructor/teacher/coach, whatever the term you want to use, I am that. My job is to create effective workouts to help you accomplish your goals, provide you with healthy living advice and tips, hold you accountable for attending workouts and adhering to the plan we made for you. Success must ultimately come from you. You must have the desire to get better, you must have the desire for change, and you must have the desire to work hard for what you want to achieve and be resilient in doing it. Nothing is more powerful than the mind. Be open to change and change will come.

If you feel you have ALL of those qualities listed above, you are the client I want!


jalen parmele

Jalen Parmele

Certified Personal Trainer

Licensed Massage Therapist

Orthopedic Exercise Specialist

Functional Training Specialist

Retired NFL Athlete

Our Focus


"Awesome trainer with very creative exercises. I never realized one could do so many things with weights and resistance bands. I personally have seen great change in my strength and body comp. My boys attend the Youth Program too, and we have seen wonderful improvement in our 11 year old. Highly recommended!"
Lisa R
"Jalen is great. He gives me that extra "push" I need to achieve my goals!"
Carol B